The Lightstand Project

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Our Passion is to Let YOUR Light Shine

“Is a lamp brought to be put under a basket or under a bed? Is it not to be set on a lampstand.” – Mark 4:21, NKJV, The Bible


To empower individuals, businesses, and communities to live out their dreams happily and healthily and to the best of their abilities


1. Promote spiritual and physical health through fitness and wellness awareness information, activities, and programs.

2. Assist creative artists with perfecting their art and promoting their work (free websites available through “Shine Your Light” initiative). Application period opens January 2014.

3. Help small businesses in rural areas create a “web presence” and compete in today’s economy. Application period opens January 2014.

4. Award small business grants for start up costs and emergency funds for tough times. Application period opens January 2014.

About Dvercity, Inc.

Established in 1996 in Niceville, Florida, we have been online since 1999. Dvercity is a multi-faceted, diverse business founded on Christian principles,high ethics / moral standards and a drive for excellence in community service.

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